Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Under Construction: Library... And My First Freebie!

If you have read any of my previous blog posts, you know that my biggest classroom project right now is tackling my library. I have slowly worked on my books when I have found the time and I am finally starting to see some real progress.

Because I am a first year teacher, I have the dreaded task of putting my name in all of my books. I am so grateful for all of the books that have been given to me, but I am even more grateful for this handy little stamp that I ordered:
 I decided long ago that one of the purchases I wanted to make this summer would be buying a stamp with my name on it. Unfortunately, I have perfectionist tendencies so the small task of writing my name in a ton of books can become very frustrating when my hand starts to cramp! So this summer I searched online for a stamp that I liked and ordered it as soon as I could, I couldn't be happier with it! While buying a self-inking stamp may not be the most cost effective way to write your name in your library books, it really has saved a lot of time and made my life that much easier. You can find the website that I found this stamp here.

After stamping my name 1458362 times, I was finally able to get the books I have here organized into little piles around the house. I want to organize my books by themes and genres, so I separated them into their "book boxes" and made colorful, owl labels to go on each box. Because so many great teachers in the blogging world have helped me out by providing me with tons of free resources to use in my classroom, I am happy to "pitch in" what I make as well and help in return. I have included a link to the owl book box labels I created here and best of all, they are FREE!
  One of my AWESOME cooperating teachers during my student teaching placements had her library set up similar to the way I have organized mine, but students had a hard time putting the books back where they belong. Many students would forget which box they pulled their book from, just put it in a basket without looking, or think that the book belonged in a different box. The library would become disorganized at times and kids couldn't find the books that they wanted to read, how frustrating! I thought about how I could prevent this from happening in my own classroom and the solution I came up with is this:
 I put these stickers on the cover of each book and will put a matching sticker on the book labels I created to put on each book box. Of course I will introduce my expectations for my library with students and explain how my "system" works, but long story short: students will just have to match the stickers on their book and the book box to put their book back in its spot.

Sorry for the super long post here today, I've just been waiting to show you what's been going on with my library! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!



  1. Greetings! MrHughes here letting you know that I really enjoyed your wonderful owl label freebies! (Also, thanks for joining my "Share the Wealth" Saturdays linky over at An Educator's Life. I hope we see you often!)

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog! I am new to the blogging world but have found such great support from fellow bloggers. Thank you for hosting such a great linky party, I am glad I was able to participate. I hope to join more of your linky parties in the future and become more involved in the teacher blogging world!



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