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I absolutely LOVE linky parties. I have found, since I am new to the blogging world, that they really help bring bloggers together and help share the great ideas that teachers are doing in their classroom!

So here it is...
This Linky Party can be found here. The important things that must be included:

So here I go!!

My favorite product that I have created has not been put up for sell yet, but I absolutely LOVE it! Before my moving craziness began, I spent A LOT of time creating this precious owl sub tub. I have seen a lot of great ideas from other teachers and bloggers that help keep themselves sane when it comes time for a sub!

Although I have not been out of school for "personal reasons" very often, I have had to utilize a substitute teacher on days that our school graciously provides us with grade level planning days. On these days I am still in school, but I get to spend the day with my team members collaborating and planning the next six weeks. These planning days are invaluable to us because we are able to each plan a subject while everyone's voice is still being heard. It also helps us have a very cohesive grade level. I have found this sub tub to be very useful because it gives my sub a very good picture of how I run my classroom and also includes useful information that I usually wouldn't include in my lesson plans.

My favorite place in my classroom would have to be my reading corner. This reading space is not only loved by me, but it is well loved by my students too. It doesn't look quite as pretty as it does in the picture below, but I think that's because a lot of authentic independent reading has taken place here.

In my classroom, students are able to pull out my pillows and stuffed animals and find a comfy place around the room to independently read. Other students like to lay on my carpet here or utilize my awesome chevron milk crate bench! I love watching my students cuddle up in this cozy space and really dive into a good book. It's one of my favorite places to conference with students because the kids seem so comfortable and happy to be in a "fun" or "unusual" space while reading.

My most utilized signal would have to be when I say, "Bah ba da da da" and my students say, "Dah da!" I find this to be very useful because it is unusual enough for students to hear in the middle of a conversation  but common enough that students are able to easily catch on. I typically only have to say this one to two times before I have everyone's attention and I am able to address my class clearly.

My school offers something called "extra specials" once every six days. When it is your day to have extra specials, your students will go to their block class for their regular 45 block and then they will go to specials AGAIN at the end of the day for an additional 45 minutes. During this time we will sometimes have a grade level meeting, meet with administrators, or we will have extra time to work in our classroom. I love having extra specials because it gives me time to talk and work with my AWESOME team and it gives me extra time to get those little things done that I need to take care of in my classroom.

Overall I feel very lucky to have the class I have, work with the team I have, and work at such a helpful and welcoming school. But like all jobs, I can almost always use a hall pass for a little break. : ]

What's your Hall Pass? Can't wait to hear!


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